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The strategy behind our solutions and our success is quite simple, We pay attention and we deliver the best, with the very best people. Nest Egg Security is dedicated in the development of our frontline and management as we strive to become leaders in security.

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Nest Egg Security is a Veteran owned security company delivering customized solutions to provide safety and security to people and property. Our services range from the traditional security to protected escort services. Utilizing innovative and constantly improving new technology, we have set the bar in the always changing and evolving industry. Our frontline consist of seasoned professionals who share our vision and passionate to deliver security our clients can rely on. 

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Nest Egg Security drives growth and excellence. We have adopted process improvement practices and embraced technology to meet the needs of our clients.

Modern Equipments

High Quality Services

Security Guaranteed

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We all come from various backgrounds and skill sets to support the collaboration of our clients success and protection and since the most valuable asset to any organization and its success are its people. We take pride in being the NES family as we work 24-7 to protect vulnerability points.

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